Victim of Hurricane Florence, like many, rebuilding one day at a time

    It's been three months since we last met Roxanne Jones, one of the many flood victims who live in Chinquapin in Duplin County. (Greg Payne, NewsChannel 12 photo)

    It's been three months since Hurricane Florence made her presence known in our area.

    Not too long after the storm hit, NewsChannel 12's Greg Payne was doing a Facebook Live along a stretch of road in Chinquapin in Duplin County, where water as up to his waste. It was there where he met Roxanne Jones.

    "Sometimes I stand out in the yard and I'll just look around and imagine how deep the water was," Jones said. "It's just like 'why God, why did you allow it to happen, why did this happen. Sometimes I'll go in the house and just think of all that water."

    Jones is now living in two trailers given to her by relatives while work slowly bur surely continues on her home. It's a slow and very frustrating process.

    "We had somebody come in to do dry wall, work one day, and the next morning he called and said he wasn't coming back," Jones said. "It's very hard to find labor so we are our laborers right now."

    Even with the negative, Jones said there's always a positive.

    "Little things that happen are really really exciting like when we got heat," Jones said. "I mean indoor heat is really cool."

    Through the good times an bad, she has remained consistent, even when Jones was surrounded by water.

    "I had my bad days," Jones said. "I mean I cried everyday for two weeks and then I just tried to go one day without crying and then I tried to go a week without crying. Some things will stop, make me cry ... you have to make the best of it out of bad things comes good."

    And Jones' home is just one of many in the same situation, from Chinquapin all the way to Wallace in Duplin County.

    "Unbelievably sad and touching, a lot of people aren't here. People have lost more than we've lost. Our fire department has fewer volunteers because they've had to move, it's different."

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