Though power is back, damaged lines still exist from Hurricane Florence

Even though crews were able to restore power quickly after Hurricane Irene, linemen like Tideland EMC's Greg Morris say they find buried bad wires many times a week. (Nicole Griffin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

The power may be back on but that doesn't mean the recovery from Hurricane Florence is over for area power companies.

Greg Morris, a lineman for over 30 years, is no stranger to finding bad wires. The Tideland EMC employee said he's done that at least four times a day since Florence hit, especially in Pamlico County.

"It's pegging right under the pedestal," Morris said while checking out some wiring. "We'll have to dig it up and splice the wire."

Tideland saw 17,000 customers lose power during the storm, which the company said was less than during Hurricane Irene. But even though crews were able to restore it quickly, more problems pop up every day thanks to the lasting effects of the historic floodwaters on underground lines.

Check out the video from NewsChannel 12's Nicole Griffin to learn more about what linemen find and what they are doing to fix the problem for good.

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