Parts of NC coastline need help due to Hurricane Florence

Parts of NC coastline need help due to Hurricane Florence (Nate Belt, NewsChannel 12)

If you've been to any of North Carolina's beaches since Hurricane Florence, you may have noticed some of the sand dunes have washed away.

Walls of sand with a sheer drop of several feet are a common sight.

The dunes provide protection for beach homes but water pushed through certain areas and left devastation in its wake.

Now that all the sand has been washed out and the remnants of Florence are long gone, it's time to start the rebuilding process.

Emerald Isle Interim Town Manager Randy Martin said the Beach Nourishment Project will be finalized by Carteret County next week.

The goal of the project is to recover sand dunes in Emerald Isle and Indian Beach.

Martin said, fortunately, he only saw one area where water actually breached the dunes and that's all thanks to past nourishment projects.

“The investments made in the past are the only reason it's in one spot. If it hadn’t been done for the last decade plus, well this is a preview of what we would’ve seen without beach nourishment," said Martin.

The project is slated to begin in March and last through April. It will cost the county roughly $20 million which Martin is hopeful to get some help from FEMA to cover that price tag.

As for other beaches in the county, Shore Protection Director Greg Rudolph said despite the need, Pine Knoll Shores will not be nourished until next year because adding it would be too much for one project this year.

Atlantic Beach Town Manager David Walker said the beaches there do not need to be nourished in 2019 since it was just done in 2018.

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