FEMA reps provide aid during New Bern workshop

FEMA held a workshop in New Bern Wednesday for residents to get more information on how to move forward after Hurricane Florence. (Greg Payne, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Many people in our region are still recovering from Hurricane Florence. Wednesday, FEMA representatives tried to provide some help.

Wednesday night, FEMA officials were in New Bern answering those questions from people who were impacted by the September storm. The group of FEMA specialists were focusing on teaching people a number of ways to not only recover from Hurricane Florence but also to be prepared to face future storms.

"We are actually trying to give people ideas on how to rebuild more resiliently, give them things that maybe they haven’t thought of in the past, listen to them," said FEMA supervisor Jerry Frye. "That’s the number one thing, try to help them out any way possibly we can."

FEMA officials said the next few days they'll be offering workshops in other locations across the state. If a town or city wants or needs a workshop, the officials said they'd be glad to come there, too.

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