NWS: Confirmed tornado touched down in Newport

NWS: Confirmed tornado touched down in Newport (MGN)

The National Weather Service confirmed a third tornado in Carteret County on Saturday November 24, this one near Newport .

Multiple eye witnesses along Mill Creek Road in Newport reported numerous waterspouts over Harlowe Creek. Across the street from 2721 Mill Creek Road at an oyster farm, the waterspout came onshore briefly as a tornado. Crab pots were thrown across Mill Creek Road as the tornado moved through.

The tornado touched down around 2:40 p.m. and left damage in its wake. The NWS classified the weather phenomenon as an EF0. The maximum wind speed was around 65 mph based on minor tree limb damage and damage to crab pots. The maximum path width reached up to 40 yards and the path length was half a mile.

No one was injured or killed due to this severe weather.

The tornado lifted as it moved through a wooded area before causing minor damage near the intersection of Dowty Road and Mill Creek Road.

A separate area of damage was also found just east of the tornado's track along Mill Landing Point Road. Siding to two houses was damaged. The NWS said it's unclear if the siding damage was due to the tornado or Hurricane Florence. Two trees were also uprooted.

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