Links, websites and information about Hurricane Florence

    This satellite image taken Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 shows Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic Ocean as it threatens the U.S. East Coast. (NOAA via AP)

    Links you can use as you prepare for Hurricane Florence.

    -- STORM SURGE MAP: Click here to see the information from the National Hurricane Center

    -- SUBMIT PHOTOS: Click here to submit photos before, during and after Hurricane Florence.

    -- SCHOOL & BUSINESS CLOSINGS: Latest school and business closings are at To submit a closing, log onto our system, email or call our newsroom at (252) 636-6840.

    -- EVACUATION NOTICES: Mandatory and voluntary evacuations along with curfews and other notices

    -- FLIGHTS: Flights in and out of New Bern have been canceled. Click here for other flight information: New Bern | Jacksonville | Greenville

    -- SHELTERS: Locations in each county in Eastern N.C. where you can find shelter information.

    -- GAS BUDDY: Go to our website for the latest gas prices. Check with for gas availability.

    -- COUNTY EMERGENCY ALERTS: How to sign up for county-by-county emergency alerts

    -- RED CROSS: If you want to volunteer or even to donate money, click here.

    -- HOTEL INFORMATION: For those seeking hotel shelter in Greenville, you can click here.

    -- WCTI12.COM: Latest news and information on Hurricane Florence | Hurricane Center page | Weather page

    -- OUR NEWS & WEATHER APP: Click here to see where and how to download our news and weather apps

    -- FACEBOOK LIVE: Latest report from meteorologists on Hurricane Florence

    -- READYNC.ORG: Click here to access for the latest storm information, statewide preparations and more

    -- N.C. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Facebook page | Twitter page

    -- WALMART: We all need resources and supplies once in a while. Go here to see if your Walmart is open.

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