Protecting personal information accessible through Facebook

(Sinclair Broadcasting photo)

Your personal information is always at risk in today's technology age.

Facebook has access to your information when you sign into certain apps where you agree to allow Facebook to exchange information. That includes things like your name, email address and your friends list.

Here's how you can stop it. Watch the video above and follow along with these instructions.

1. On your phones, go to Facebook and click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right. Click on settings.

2. A list pops up and click on account settings. Then scroll down to apps.

3. where you see "logged in with Facebook," those are the apps you are looking for.

4. You'll need to click on each one, scroll down and click "remove app" and that will remove it's connection to your Facebook account.

On your desktop, you click on the settings link at the top of the page. Click on "apps" on the left side and follow the same process.

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