Kinston grad, Pistons' Reggie Bullock recovering after hit-and-run accident

Reggie Bullock (AP photo)

Former Kinston High School graduate Reggie Bullock is recovering after being involved in an accident where the person who hit him eventually left the scene. reports Bullock was involved in an automobile accident Sunday while on the way to practice with the Detroit Pistons. Bullock said while the two were about to exchange insurance information, the person who hit him fled the scene.

“He asked me for insurance information. He’s sitting in the middle of the street with his hazard lights on,” Bullock told “The next thing I know, he’s gone. He just left. It was just more shocking to me that the guy left me in there. I could have had my son. I could’ve been with family members or anything, but it was real shocking that he actually left me out there.”

Bullock didn't play in the Pistons' loss to Utah on Tuesday. Officials said Bullock banged his knee on the steering wheel and is experiencing back pain. He was examined by team doctors after the crash and had X-rays taken.

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