Crime commission panel makes school safety recommendations

Governor's crime commission report (Tyler Hardin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A state criminal justice panel is urging more police training, building vulnerability assessments and school violence data to help make North Carolina’s K-12 schools safer.

A special committee within the Governor’s Crime Commission released its report Thursday, with more than 30 recommendations addressing school safety following last February’s school shootings in Florida.

The panel of law enforcement, court and local government officials and nonprofit leaders didn’t recommend any broad gun-control legislation. But it did ask lawmakers to create a method for a court to order guns be taken temporarily from people determined to be dangers to themselves or their communities. The report also seeks more emphasis on putting police officers in elementary schools.

The legislature approved school safety provisions last year. House members held school safety meetings statewide last fall.

Watch the above video from NewsChannel 12's Tyler Hardin to get a local view of the governor's task force report.

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