San Antonio spends more money on graffiti removal than nearby large cities

Photo: Fox San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - The City of San Antonio is spending more to clean up graffiti than Houston and Austin.

In 2017, San Antonio paid $1.3 million on graffiti removal efforts. Austin's budget showed $500,000 allotted for graffiti clean-up. The city of Houston said they spent $45,000 last year.

"People work hard to paint over it but it just keeps happening," said San Antonio resident Angie Aweku.

Other San Antonio organizations also do their own graffiti removal initiatives. As the city works to make upgrades, vandals are one step behind them doing the opposite.

East San Antonio resident Al Flores said it's an endless cycle.

"They clean it up and then it comes back," Flores said. "It's like an endless activity. It just comes and goes."

The I-35 New Braunfels avenue bridge project is not even completed and is already covered in colors.

"It's a huge problem especially if were spending so much money and if all our tax dollars are going to this and it's still prevalent, it's pretty sad that those tax dollars are pretty much going to waste," Aweku said.

In 2018, San Antonio has slightly increased the budget for graffiti removal to $1.4 million.

The city also holds monthly meetings with SAPD SAFEE officers to address graffiti clean-ups.

To learn more about the city's graffiti removal and prevention program, you can do so here.

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