Woman's concern leads to Kinston, group's efforts to control feral cat population

A committee has been created because the number of cats continues to increase. (Greg Payne, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Kinston has a growing issue with the number of feral cats in the city.

A committee has been created because the number of cats continues to increase. It was created after a woman from Charlotte traveling back from the beach noticed a large number of feral cats. She called Kinston Police and a trap neuter return group in Charlotte, Lake Norman Lucky Cats, about the issue.

Both groups eventually contacted Kim Williams, asking her to help. She did by forming Lucky Cats of Kinston.

"It's a program that's long overdue," said Williams. "There has been many calls, many complaints."

Officials said the program will provide a place for feral cats to eat, drink, be vaccinated, spayed and neutered. Officials believe this will help control the population that keeps growing as owners continue to dump their cats.

"There have been studies in the U.S., along with other countries, that says relocation and the cat to kill method is not very successful at all," Williams said.

The group, which consists of Williams and her husband, is in the early stages so they need help.

"We need everything," Williams said. "We need volunteers, we need food dishes, we need a shelter built, we need food stations, we need drivers, we need trappers, we need anyone who is interested in this or interested in being taught."

Officials said the program is willing to fund the first 150 cats who go through the program. Once they go through the program, the cats will have the upper part of their ear clipped as an indicator they're a part of the program.

If you are willing to volunteer contact Williams at (252) 361-1300 or email If you would like to help through donations visit

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