Wells Fargo plans to close financial services center in Greenville

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Wells Fargo has announced it will close its financial center in Greenville, meaning 600 workers will lose their jobs.

The workers will be offered opportunities to relocated to several locations, including Raleigh, according to officials from Wells Fargo who just spoke to us on the phone. Wells Fargo plans to phase out those jobs in Greenville over the next 6-12 months. The company said fewer locations for its auto financial business will make it more efficient.

Greenville Major P.J. Connelly was obviously disappointed and the city said it will be evaluating its current banking relationship with Wells Fargo.

"We were surprised and disappointed to hear that Wells Fargo will be closing its financial services center located here in Greenville," Connelly said in a press release. "The city takes pride in its ability to establish business relationships and partnerships with companies that appreciate and are committed to Eastern North Carolina. For this reason, we will be evaluating the City's current banking relationship with Wells Fargo as it seems that such commitment has not been reciprocated in its decision to relocate over 600 jobs out of our region."

Josh Dunn of Corporate Communications for Wells Fargo, emailed a statement to NewsChannel 12 on the announcement.

Wells Fargo Auto is evolving to meet the changing needs of dealers, consumers and the marketplace. As a result, earlier today we notified approximately 600 team members that the Wells Fargo location at 1451 Thomas Langston Road in Winterville will close over the next 6-12 months.
Wells Fargo Auto team members in Greenville learned their job functions will relocate to Chandler, Arizona, Irving, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota or Raleigh North Carolina. We won’t know the true impact until we work with team members over the coming months to understand how many will relocate to one of the hubs, work remotely or find other positions within Wells Fargo. We want this transition to be as smooth as possible and we will offer relocation assistance to team members willing to relocate. Some team members may be able to work remotely, or are contract positions.
Wells Fargo Auto’s decision to leave Greenville is part of a broader strategy we’ve been very public about to centralize certain functions into hub settings so we can deliver improved experiences for both team members and customers.
This decision was not made lightly – decisions that impact team members never are.
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