Vidant Medical confident it could handle situation like Las Vegas


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - An event like the Las Vegas shooting last Sunday is a scary thing to think about.

Staff at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville are confident if something like that happened, they would be able to assess the situation and tackle it head on. With dozens of people dead and hundreds injured, the medical response to the tragedy in Vegas was critical.

"We don't have the advantage of a city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles or Houston where we have multiple big medical centers in one place," said Ted Delbridge, Vidant Medical Center Chief of Emergency Services. "A tragedy on the scale of Las Vegas would be one that we would have to count on our partners in trauma care and health care throughout the state to help us coordinate the care of all those people at one time."

Delbridge said plans are in place if anything large scale were to happen here. Those steps include "Stopping the damage as its occurring, stabilize the matter, and reorder the way we need to take care of each individual person," he said.

"Our responders are very resilient, they work very hard, they work very hard together," Delbridge said. "So when faced with that type of adversity, that type of incident, they'll do the absolute best that they can. I believe that in Pitt County."

James McArthur oversees emergency management for Pitt County. He said they play a supporting role during tragic events. But what would happen in nearby counties such as Lenoir, Craven and Carteret which don't have trauma 1 hospitals.

"Other counties' emergency management may wear multiple hats," McArthur said. "We wear multiple hats here and sometimes we change what we need to do."

McArthur said that applies to all medical personnel. Delbridge said communication and most of all preparedness is key, which is something he believes Vidant excels.

"You proactive what you do so much, you focus on what you do, and you do the job that's necessary. The challenge comes after all that's done," Delbridge said.

Delbridge said Vidant is fortunate to have dozens of surgeons in addition to sub-specialized surgeons, who were critical in saving lives after the shooting in Las Vegas.

We also spoke with Craven County Emergency Director Stanley Kite. He said all local hospitals would play a role in getting patients in the doors then rely on Vidant Air to coordinate transports as necessary.

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