Utility bills from recent cold weather raising people's temperatures

Greenville Utilities is working with customers who have gotten higher electric bills due to the recent cold weather. (Stephanie Brown, NewsChannel 12 photo)

We all tried to keep warm during the recent cold snap. Now we're feeling the effects in the form of our utility bills.

Some people who have received their bills have been alarmed at the cost they'll have to pay to stay warm during the recent snow storms and cold weather we've had. In Greenville, many people contacted Greenville Utilities in disbelief when they saw their bills. As a result, meter readers were sent around the city to make sure all of them were working properly.

GUC is now offering help to families who may not be able to pay their bill on time this month. The GUC board voted to suspend its policy that limits the number of extensions to three per year. Eligible families can get an extension on their January bill now through March.

"Really what it comes down to is we're just trying to help our customers out," said GUC spokesperson Steve Hawley. "We know it's going to be tough. So we asked for our board to give us a little bit of leeway and that's what they've been doing, because we do want to provide exceptional customer service."

A call to GUC doesn't necessarily grant you an extension. Hawley said they are granted on a case-by-case basis.He also said they are working to help families who had high water bills because of burst pipes.

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