U.S. Surpreme Court denies couple's petition in suit against Emerald Isle


WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the request from a couple on a six-year legal battle with the Town of Emerald Isle.

Unless it is reconsidered by the Supreme Court, the decision ends the legal situation between the town and Gregory and Diane Nies over a 20-foot passage on beach property they once owned. The couple sued over an ordinance creating the 20-foot passage on beach property for public vehicles to travel anytime necessary.

Because of the Supreme Court's decision, the 2015 ruling of the N.C. Court of Appeals in favor of the Town of Emerald Isle remains in effect.

"The Town is pleased with the US Supreme Court's decision, and is even more pleased that the public's historical use of the beach since time immemorial remains intact and that current and future generations will continue to enjoy this special place in Emerald Isle and every other NC beach community," Emerald Isle Town Manager Frank Rush said in a press release.

The New Jersey couple sold the $1.3 million beach property last fall.

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