Tips to avoid getting sick during flu season

Battling the flu virus is a 24-hour-a-day plan. (Nicole Griffin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Just about any place you touch could have germs that could lead to a cold or flu.

If you spend hours at your desk, you could catch germs on your keyboard and phone. They are a hot bed for catching something. They are also exposed to other people who may use things at your desk or cough near it.

These days, just touching it can lead to something bad.

"The flu virus can live for up to 24 hours and that means that somehow it gets on that surface and a healthy person comes along, touches it and picks it up with their hand and they touch their face and they've carried the flu virus," said Cathy Fisher, Manager of Infection Prevention.

And it doesn't stop there. From filling up your car with gas -- the key pads you use to punch in numbers or select the grade of gas to purchase can have germs -- to using your wallet to pay for something, germs spread quickly.

"If you look around where you're at, you want to think about things that are high-touch surfaces such as counter tops, hand rails door knobs, things like that," Fisher said.

Even washing your hands isn't 100 percent effective.

"You don't want to turn the water off with your hands because that faucet knob is a dirty faucet knob," Fisher said. "So you're gonna want to get paper towels, dry your hands and then turn the water off with that paper towel."

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