Three women arrested in check fraud investigation

Latron Allen, Natassja Green and Miasia Roberson (Vanceboro Police Department photos)

The Vanceboro Police Department arrested three women in connection to a check fraud investigation.

18-year-old Miasia La Trice Roberson of Vandamere, 36-year-old Latron Denise Allen of New Bern, 20-year-old Nastassja Queeenea-Christava Green of Vanceboro were arrested following the investigation.

In the last few weeks the department has been investigating the case, which led to other jurisdiction within Craven and Pitt county where the checks had originated and been cashed.

Vanceboro Police generated 72 felonies and several misdemeanor’s against these women. More charges are pending from surrounding agencies.

Here are the charges they each face:

Miasia La Trice Roberson

(F) Identity Theft

(F) Attempt to obtain property by false pretense

(F) Attempt uttering of forged endorsement

2-(F) Forgery endorsement

2-(F) Forgery of instrument

(F) Possession of counterfeit instrument

$39,000.00 secure bond

Latron Denise Allen

8-(F) Forgery of Endorsement

4-(F) Uttering Forged Instrument

4-(F) Obtaining property by false pretense

12-(F) Conspiracy

(F) Posses counterfeit instrument

4-(F) Aid and abet forgery

$50,000.00 secure bond

Nastassja Queeenea-Christava Green

3-(F) Forgery of Instrument

3-(F) Uttering Forged Endorsement

3-(F) Forgery of Endorsement

3-(F) Obtaining Property by False Pretenses

9-(F) Conspiracy

3-(F) Possess Counterfeit Instrument

(F) Aid and Abet Forge

Released on written promise

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