Thaw continues but some roads still trouble in Onslow County

Piney Green Road is where things were still thawing out on Tuesday (Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Many people in Onslow County were able to head back to work Tuesday.

Days of recovery after the recent snowfall left many businesses and schools closed. Troopers in Onslow County dealt with six crashes along the same road Tuesday ... so we're not in the clear just yet.

But we're close.

Piney Green Road is where things were still thawing out on Tuesday. We drove down this entire road and saw people in this area still dealing with large amounts of slush and ice. Cabin fever got real for many people this week and they are only too happy to head back to work.

"Yeah, it's been a tough two weeks," said Thomas Pandelos, a construction worker who gets paid by the hour. "Oh yes, I enjoy the snow now but the ice on the roads were horrible. I mean I've seen accidents back to back maybe three or four times withing a ten-minute period."

Troopers worked the scene of six accidents on Piney Green Road between 7-8:30 Tuesday morning. Last Thursday, troopers responded to nearly 450 calls. Tuesday, only 14 accidents had been reported by 6 p.m.

Camp Lejeune was forced to shut down the Wilson Boulevard entrance due to several accidents there backing up traffic. In other spots in Onslow County, it was easy sailing.

"Driving to work was really great," Thomas Pandelos said. "They have no crashes, no accidents, all the ice melted, so finally able to make some money now.

"(Monday) was my first day back but it was only half a day but (Tuesday) was like legitimately my first day back working all day."

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