State DPI superintendent assures work being done despite budge cuts

NC Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Mark Johnson

KINSTON, Lenoir County - North Carolina's Department of Public Instruction office said they are working to make sure your children's programs will not suffer due to Tuesday's school budget cut approval.

Mark Johnson, the department's superintendent, visited Contentnea Savannah School in Lenoir County on Thursday and spoke about what is being done. He was at the school for the Teach for America Summer Camp, one of the very few like this in the country. In fact, Lenoir County is one of only two in the state with this type of program.

For the second year, Lenoir County Public Schools have partnered with Teach America for a Summer Camp. The program doubles as both a summer school program for students who need it and also as a training center for Teach for America.

Johnson said the State Board of Education's $2.5 million budget cut to DPI it a hard pill to swallow. However, they are still working to meet the needs, especially in rural areas that are expected to feel the pinch much harder.

"We have actually take to separate departments and created the office of district support so we still are very focused on district support we are just reducing duplicative services," Johnson said.

Johnson also mentioned programs like the Teach for America Camp and STEM camps would not be impacted. Nearly 300 students and 40 teachers participated in this year's camp.

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