Several cats, dog taken from unkept home in Craven County

Some of the cats rescued on Thursday. (Nicole Griffin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

A dozen animals living in filth.

That's what the photos showed. An animal rescue volunteer shared them with us. The conditions at a home in Craven County promoted the Humane Society and the sheriff's office to show up and take the multiple cats and a dog to better conditions.

"I called them and they listened to the whole story and were receptive to it and were nice enough," said Sarah Hawthorn, a neighbor. "Somebody came out the next day from animal control and were on the front porch and left some sort of notice on the door."

The dog is named Odie. He was trembling and afraid at the Colonial Capital Humane Society, where he was delivered. The cats are being cared for there as well.

Neighbors said they knew the animals were alone in the home and complained back in October about it. However, they said nothing changed until the animals were rescued Thursday night. Neighbors also said they called animal control four separate time but it was the Humane Society that showed up Thursday along with Craven County Sheriff Jerry Monette.

"I had gone by the house, taken a look and I realized the animals followed me from window to window and I knew it was filthy conditions," said Lisa Lee of the Colonial Capital Humane Society.

Humane Society volunteers took one of the cats for a lung check Friday morning and said they are doing fine. All of the other animals will get their shots and will be spayed and neutered next week. The cats are expected to be ready for adoption next week. Odie will be placed with a foster family to help him feel more comfortable.

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