Wounded veteran gets new home

Sgt. Jacob Pope and his family get the keys to their new home.

A sigh of relief came from Sergeant Jacob Pope the moment him and his family walked into their new home and new chapter of their life.

"Overwhelming happiness I mean simply put that's all it is overwhelming happiness," says Sergeant Jacob Pope.

A part of that happiness came from checking out what special features the home holds.

"It's going to make a lot of things easier for me take away a lot of small daily frustrations out of my life and it's just going to make life more enjoyable," says Pope.

Sergeant Pope lost one of his legs while serving as an EOD tech in 2011. So many of the home's features cater to his disability, which is a relief for not only him but his girlfriend.

"To see him struggle some days it's tough but I think this is going to bring a lot of new fun memories...a new beginning a new start," says Anne Beaumont Pope's girlfriend.

Even though the new start will take some time to adjust there are some things Pope already has his eyes set on using.

"I like the bathroom most the bathroom for sure because that's where I deal with a lot of's just a beautiful huge gorgeous bathroom," says Pope.

But throughout the reveal Pope says his mind was on finding a way to give back to homes for our troops the non profit organization that made all this possible.

"I'm going to try to pay it forward and do something to either help them or help another veteran in my situation," says Pope.

Homes for Our Troops officials say they've provided homes for over 250 injured service-members. They say there are three ways to help the organization one providing donations, two spreading the word about the group and the last and most important way is by accepting the service members into your community.

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