Sand being moved from Morehead City to other beaches for nourishment project

    In a couple of weeks, a pipe will deliver the sand from Morehead City to Indian Beach, Salter Path and Emerald Isle to help replenish the beaches hit hard by Hurricane Florence. (Nate Belt, NewsChannel 12 photo)

    That's a lot of sand. But it's much needed after Hurricane Florence tore up beaches in Carteret County.

    The amount of sand is a million cubic yards. It will be transported from Morehead City to replenish beaches along the Crystal Coast. In a couple of weeks, a pipe will deliver the sand to Indian Beach, Salter Path and Emerald Isle.

    The project has been in the works for a while but one more hoop had to be jumped through before taking the sand from Morehead City.

    "The borrow source as we call it is located in state and federal waters, so one we get into federal waters we have to get a federal sand and gravel lease and that is through the bureau of ocean energy management, or BOEM," said Greg Rudolph, Carteret County Shore Protection Manager.

    Just last week, an agreement was struck with BOEM to allow the sand transfers. Those trucks are now laying down the pipes that will deliver the sand to the much-needed beaches. Trucks will spread the sand around to build back the sand dunes washed out during Hurricane Florence.

    Rudolph said the dunes did a great job of protecting the county from flood waters with just one breach a few feet wide along the entire 25-mile Bogue Banks area.

    "Just to have one little teeny hole in the dunes along that entire stretch after basically what is a storm of record here, that's pretty amazing," Rudolph said. "It works for us so we've got to put it back so it can work again."

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