Residents see plans, voice opinions on proposed NC 43 connector

A meeting was held about the proposed NC 43 connector and what it could look like. (Nicole Griffin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Dozens of community members turned up Monday to get a glimpse as the future.

A meeting was held about the proposed NC 43 connector and what it could look like. The road would connect Hwy. 17 to Hwy. 70, bypassing New Bern. Project engineers say the road is necessary and will serve several purposes.

"Of course with this new corridor it's actually going to help alleviate traffic congestion," said Hon Yeung, project engineer. "But the main purpose of it is to promote economic development. We already have plans for commercial buildings and residential housing that's going to be coming in the area so this project would definitely promote that."

The project has mixed reviews from people who live in the area.

"I wish we had known about this when we bought our home four years ago," said Diane Bjorn, who chose to retire in Arcadia Village. "We were not told there would be a highway here. We felt this was going to be a closed development."

Willie Smith, who lives near New Bern High School, likes the idea of the connector. He's been a truck driver for over 30 years and thinks this will really help traffic.

"It would be better for all the trucks so they don't have traffic, they can stay on the main road and keep going and get their delivery there a little bit better," Smith said. "They wont be congested into a lot of traffic."

Engineers say they will listen to the feedback they are getting both in person and in questionnaires. You also have a chance to voice your opinion through June 4 by sending your comments to You can also see the plans by clicking here.

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