Report: 'High level of dissatisfaction' with GFR leadership

The 357-page report was released by Greenville Fire and Rescue and told of the problems they've had in the department. (NewsChannel 12 photo)

The release of a third-party report of the Greenville Fire-Rescue agency provided an 11-point plan for improvement. Notably, the survey found "a high level of dissatisfaction with leadership by many but not all in the department."

The survey, conducted by Developmental Associates, LLC, also found that "dissatisfaction crosses shifts, age and position.' The report was released Monday morning in advance of a press conference held by Greenville City Manager Ann Wall and Greenville Fire/Rescue Chief Eric Griffin. The report also addressed the lack of merit raised outside of those tied to promotions in rank and concerns over the deployment model used by the department to respond to calls. In the survey, which was filled out by workers, 34 percent had problems with the EMS training and 45 percent had problems with fire training.

The report recommends an even further analysis of the call volume for the department to create a deployment model that "ensures effective allocation of resources, evaluation of workload, and response."

"We're committed to looking at the issues raised in the report," Greenville City Manager Ann Wall. "We're committed to understanding those issues and being able to find solutions."

GFR Chief Eric Griffin said he is looking at the report from another perspective, focusing ore on retention and training. He believes the survey was helpful in showing things that he needed to work on."

"Part of the accreditation process is looking at more improvements and how we can improve. Workload improvements, leadership and training," Griffin said.

The need for the survey and review of the department came after months of allegations of mismanagement and an unusually high turnover rate. The report cites a doubling in retirements in 2017 compared to 2015 and a near tripling of resignations in 2017 compared to 2015. Wall made the decision to bring in the outside firm for the review in March. The bulk of the survey work was conducted in April, and included current and former staff as well as academy participants.

Click here to see the full report.

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