Plumbers staying busy with repairs on broken pipes

Busted or broken water pipes have been an issue for plumbers to deal with after the snow. (Nate Belt, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Many businesses are finally operating on a normal schedule. That includes plumbers, who are a little extra busy repairing broken pipes some people are dealing with.

Freezing temperatures and snow forced many businesses to close. Mike Whitley of Pipe Cleaners Plumbing is always busy when cold weather rolls around. Since the snow fell, calls about busted pipes have flooded his cell phone.

A recent job at The Southwinds Condominums in Atlantic Beach had Whitley and his coworkers busy fixing four pipe bursts. He said if you have a busted pipe, stopping the water flow is the first thing to do.

"If you own your own home the first thing you need to do is find the meter or a shut off for the water and then pick the phone up and give us a call," Whitley said. "If you live in an association like this one just let the maintenance guy know youve got a busted pipe and get the water shut off as quick as possible to keep the water bill down."

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