'Litter Pirate' looting community of trash to keep Jones County clean

    Paul Schernitzki is the "Litter Pirate." He's been busy collecting trash where he lives in Jones County. He hopes to continue to promote his cause on social media and, one day, in schools, too. (Kate Hussey, NewsChannel 12 photo)

    You can call him a pirate because he's looting the community. But it's not what you think.

    Paul Schernitzki is the "Litter Pirate." He's keeping Jones County clean and encouraging others to do the same. He's picked up more than 1,000 gallons of trash all over Jones County just this year alone. "Pirate Paul" started the "Litter Pirate" accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He said he uses fun videos and hashtags to make a stinky task seem like a treasure hunt.

    "Picking up trash is part of the solution but anytime you have a complex problem, you've got to have a complex solution to fix it and that involves help from volunteers, law enforcement and the state, and from education programs like the "Litter Pirate," Schernitzki said.

    Schernitzki is hoping to take his message to area schools to help promote picking up trash and keeping their community clean. Click the above video to learn more.

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