Peace vigil aims to focus on recent violence in Kinston

Fairfield Park will be the sight of Thursday's peace vigil in Kinston. (Greg Payne, NewsChannel 12 photo)

A staple in Kinston and Lenoir County communities is Fairfield Park in Kinston.

Lately, it's been one of the places where a shooting has taken place. Since the start of October, there have been four shootings reported. Residents say there have been several others, an issue Mayor Don Hardy said needs to be fixed fast.

"In the past seven days or so, there has been some gun action activity going on throughout our community," Hardy said. "But what we are doing now is being strategic placing officers in those areas where people may be carrying illegal weapons."

Fairfield Park will be the location of the peace vigil. It will be held Thursday at 6 p.m. Click the video to learn more from NewsChannel 12's Greg Payne.

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