Parent raises concern after her child mistakenly sent home twice from school

Sonny Scozzari and his daughter, Ginger Dimla (Christina Thompson, NewsChannel 12 photo)

An Onslow County parent got quite the scare when her child was mistakenly dropped off at her home instead of staying for after-school care.

Then it happened again.

When school first started up again after summer vacation, Sonny Scozzari and his daughter, Ginger Dimla, had a terrifying experience.

“My granddaughter (Lily) was supposed to go to an after school program and my daughter went to go pick her up after school,” Scozzari said.

“I was like ‘where is my child? She’s not here. Well, she never came.’ Nobody knew where she was,” Dimla said.

Lily Dimla’s daughter had mistakenly been put her on the bus and sent home. Dimla said she raced home in a panic.

“Our neighbor, he was already sitting there with her because he saw her at the end of the driveway crying,” Dimla said.

Scozzari and Dimla said the school told them it wouldn’t happen again.

“It was very scary not to know where my child was, especially in the first week of school,” Dimla said. “I mean, she’s in Kindergarten.”

Then it happened again.

“The second time my daughter Ginger was out of town,” Scozzari said.

Scozzari and his wife were caring for the 6-year-old while Dimla was out of town. They dropped Lily off at her school and in the afternoon returned to pick her up.

“She was not in the afternoon program,” Scozzari said. “They asked the teachers where she was at and they said they had accidentally put her on the bus home.”

Again, it was the neighbor to the rescue. He waited with Lily to ensure nothing happened to her.

“It’’s a good situation that Lily’s safe but the next time it might not be that way and some other child might be in jeopardy,” Dimla said.

An official with Onslow County Schools said they are working with the transportation department and the school to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Scozzari and Dimla said they love the Onslow County School system and Dimla even grew up in it. They just want to ensure what happened doesn’t happen again.

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