ONWASA reports broken pipes may be reason for rise in water use

ONWASA officials believe the recent snow and broken pipes may be the reason for a large increase in water use recently. (Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Onslow Water & Sewer put out an alert Wednesday about the high amount of water being consumed in Onslow County.

Officials believe broken pipes may be the cause and are urging residents to check their pipes or run the risk of getting a big water bill if you do have a broken pipe(s) and it's not fixed. Below is a press release from ONWASA about the situation.



Water demand in Onslow County reached a historic high on January 8th. With over 13.7 million gallons of water used on that day alone, ONWASA warns residents to immediately check their property's plumbing for breaks.

ONWASA anticipated an increase once temperatures climbed above freezing, allowing frozen pipes to thaw. However, the water utility did not anticipate volumes of this magnitude. Water production rates between December 28th and January 8th reveal a steady trend in usage. Water production numbers follow:

ONWASA Water Production

12/28/2017 7,560,000

12/29/2017 7,911,000

12/30/2017 7,909,000

12/31/2017 8,374,000

1/1/2018 8,515,000

1/2/2018 9,845,000

1/3/2018 12,063,000

1/4/2018 11,437,000

1/5/2018 11,747,000

1/6/2018 12,333,000

1/7/2018 12,957,000

1/8/2018 13,727,000

Part of the usage is explained by residents allowing water to trickle from faucets to prevent freezing pipes. Ruptured home plumbing likely accounts for more. ONWASA has waived all turn-off and turn-on fees for this single winter storm event. This is in an effort to help residents repair their property's plumbing quickly. ONWASA customers may call 910-455-0722 for a technician to turn off or turn on water to a property at no charge to the ONWASA customer.

In addition to advising residents to check their own plumbing, ONWASA is actively inspecting all water mains, plants, and towers to ensure there are no breaks in our community's infrastructure. ONWASA's current daily water production capability is approximately 16.8 million gallons a day.

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