Onward to Opportunity holding graduation event on Friday

Onward to Opportunity Facebook photos)

JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Onward to Opportunity will be holding its graduation event to honor those who have recently graduated from its program.

The event will be at 804 New Bridge St. in Jacksonville at 3 p.m. on Friday. Below is a full press release on the event:


Marines, Spouses and Veterans of the Camp Lejeune community will graduate Friday, May 17, 2017, after taking a five-week career training program designed to increase their employment prospects as they end their time and service at Camp Lejeune. The graduation will be held at the Jacksonville Youth Conference Center (804 New Bridge Street, Jacksonville, NC 28540) and will be attended by the Assistant Directors of the NC Department of Military Affairs. Following years of dedicated service to their country, members of the military encounter many challenges as they transition from active duty to civilian life. Trouble landing employment that matches their level of education or experience is one of the biggest. Despite strong leadership, strategic and technical experience gained in the military, many veterans encounter prospective employers who struggle to assess veterans' military skills and how they translate successfully into the civilian workforce. This puts veterans at a disadvantage compared to civilian applicants. O2O-VCTP sets out to erase the skill-gap with a free, five-week training course designed to position departing service members for in-demand civilian careers. Developed by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), the program is unique in that it provides connections to over 400 brand-name employers and guarantees interviews with participating employers after successful completion of the course and internships. Participants can access the courses starting six months before they transition from service to civilian life. The program is also open to military spouses. Participants have access to 30 possible career tracks in the areas of Information Technology, Customer Service, Human Resources and Project Management. The last two tracks were added to the JBLM curriculum based on input from local industry. Students graduate armed with sought-after credentials that put them on competitive footing as they re-enter civilian life. This can shorten lengthy job hunts and long periods of unemployment. An essential element to the program are corporate partners that agree to make positions available for qualified applicants. In addition, participants get help with their job search, interview and resume preparation, skills that can make or break employment prospects through Hire Heroes USA and Corporate America Supports You. These alliances increase odds of employment out of the gate--or even pre-separation--as veterans and military spouses transition. Employers benefit from high quality employees at a fraction of their traditional cost for recruitment. Employer costs per new employee can run about $4,000. O2O-VCTP costs are approximately $1,600 for candidates with more advanced technical skills. "Onward to Opportunity-VCTP takes two approaches providing technical competencies employers are scanning the market for, as well as ensuring direct access to employment opportunities. And as prospective employers, we interact with candidates at many points throughout the course and are the first to interview them when they graduate. It's been a highly effective collaboration." "We are proud of the role Camp Lejeune has played in the progression of Onward to Opportunity in partnership with the Veterans Career Transition Program," said Dr. Mike Haynie, IVMF Executive Director and Syracuse University Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives & Innovation. "Our military and their families deserve nothing less after their self-less and dedicated service to our nation than to have the extensive leadership and technical skills they bring to bear recognized as they transition to the civilian workforce." Onward to Opportunity is funded by the Schultz Family Foundation and Veteran Career Transition Program is supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co. through its founding partnership with the IVMF.

For more information, visit Onward to Opportunity's website, go to the organization's Facebook page or Twitter page.

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