NewsChannel 12 launches new, improved website

NewsChannel 12 and Sinclair Broadcasting launched a new website Tuesday morning.

You may notice a different look if you navigate over to

NewsChannel 12 and Sinclair Broadcasting launched a new website Tuesday morning. The website has a lot of the favorites you’ve come to expect from us – local news, weather, sports, entertainment, national news. We’ve also added some new features we think you’ll like a lot, too.

“Since the website launched Tuesday, you may notice a bug here or there,” said Jason O. Boyd, Digital Media Manager for” We’re working to iron everything out so we can provide you with the best experience.”

You’ll see additional changes coming in the coming days and weeks as we continue to overhaul and enhance the website. Everything else stays the same. You can still go to our Facebook page for news, weather sports and other content. Same goes for our Twitter and Instagram page, where you can find all of the photos from our popular “Social Photos of the Day.”

Our mobile news app is also changing. You should see the changes within the next 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can also go to the Apple or Google store to do a self update.

“Newschannel12 and Fox Eastern Carolina are excited to launch our new website to viewers of the area, the country and the world,” said General Manager Matt Bowman. “The new site is backed by the resources of Sinclair Broadcast Group and will give users a much better experience on their computers, phones and tablets when looking for news and weather information from the area. This new site will also allow us to receive more content from our viewers to best serve the community.”

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