New generation aircraft tested at Bogue Field


Flight testing is underway for the newest generation of Marine aircraft and it is happening right here in Eastern North Carolina at Bogue Field.

The Marine Corps Bogue Field in Carteret County served a flight testing operations for the newest generation fighter the F-35B.

The F-35B can operate both from ship and shore across a wide range of Marine Corps missions. Marines can't always control what climate or surface they need to land an aircraft during missions. That is why the sloped surface vertical landing testing is happening. Sgt. Julio Silva is based at Cherry Point and said it is honor to be able to be a part of such important work.

"To know that the services we are providing is going to have lasting effects on the future of Marine Cops Aviation it's amazing to know that we a part of that," Silva said.

The testing is expected to last about six weeks.

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