Neighbors say intersection of deadly crash is dangerous

(Ashley Boles, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Kinston police arrived at the intersection of College Street and Vernon Avenue just before 6 Sunday night. Two motorcycles and a car collided. 30- year-old Robert Hill passed away.

"It's not frequent," said Captain Stephen Reavis with the Kinston Police Department.

But neighbors tell Newschannel 12 that the intersection is dangerous.

"On Vernon, its a bad corner. Bad, bad corner," said Dexter Mewborn.

Mewborn lives just two houses down from the corner and says this past October, he was hit while trying to cross the street at the same intersection.

"I was in the pedestrian crosswalk. And you know people just come through here and they try to make this light because the next light is way down there and they just go through here flying," said Mewborn.

Mewborn said he heard the crash last night and hopes that tragic events like this one will remind people to slow down and stay safe behind the wheel.
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