Motivational speaker addressing issues military kids face

Trevor Romain (Daisha Jones, NewsChannel 12).jpg

Five elementary schools came together in Havelock on Wednesday for a special presentation.

The Comfort Crew’s “With You All the Way Tour” aims to help students in military families. Many military children go through things that people never realize or understand.

Trevor Romain was the motivational speaker at the event. Romain wanted to drive home the point that the children are not alone in how they feel.

Romain's goal was to inspire children to be confident in themselves and brave enough to confide in others when they need it.

The tour focuses on bringing military and non-military children together so they can connect, learn and support one another.

Romain was in the military and was bullied as a child, so he said this tour means the world to him.

"For me, it’s really amazing. I’m an American by choice, and a very proud one to be able to give back to our military kids and then to give back to kids in general. I’m a 14-year-old trapped in an old dude's body, so I like being childish so I connect with the kids," said Romain.

Romain will be in Jacksonville on Thursday and Friday as he finishes his tour. NewsChannel 12’s Daisha Jones was at the presentation. Watch the video to learn more.

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