Siblings meet for the first time, 70 Years Later

If you have a sibling, you know there's a bond you share that's different than any kind of relationship. But what if you spent your entire life, sensing that you had a brother or sister, but never got the chance to meet him or her?

That's the reality for Bill Proctor.

Bill is 71 years old. He's lived in Greenville, NC his entire life. He was raised by a doting mother and father who told him he was special.

"Mother always told me, she said, 'Other people don't have any choice. We got to pick you out,"'said Bill.

Bill would ask his parents if he had any siblings, but they would shrug it off. They didn't know much about their son's history, and Bill never pursued learning more until his grown up daughter pushed him to do so.

Thus began the two year process to find Barbara.

Barbara Jones is 70 years old. She's lived in Kinston, NC her entire life, just thirty miles south of Bill. Barbara grew up knowing three other siblings. She thought the fourth died at the hospital.

"I was the dead guy that didn't come home from the hospital, " joked Bill.

The process to find Barbara was not easy. But with the help of MyHeritage DNA, the two siblings connected. At first Barbara didn't think it could be real. They continued fitting together puzzle pieces and soon it was clear. That dead guy at the hospital, wasn't dead after all.

On Sunday afternoon, Bill and Barbara met face to face for the first time.

"Barbara, come on in!" said Bill as he held the door open.

At first they study each other, noticing the obvious shared physical features. But than its clear that there is much more in common than just similar nose shapes.

Living so close to one another, Bill and Barbara plan to continue getting to know one another.

"I like him already so it shouldn't be too hard to love him," said Barbara.

One thing is for certain though, Bill missed his shot at having a little sister to boss around.

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