Marines training for NATO exercise in Norway


The Second Marine Expeditionary Force is wrapping up training exercises this week as it prepares for one of the largest deployments it has seen in recent history.

Just weeks from now, more than 9,000 Marines from Camp Lejeune and other installations in the U.S. will deploy to Norway.

Col. Brian Wolford said the exercises this week are a culmination of nine months of training in preparation for what the Marines will face once overseas.

"This is kind of a dry run. We try to duplicate what we think we are going to have in Norway," Wolford said. "But we are really trying to mirror what we think we are going to deal with in a few months. And this is the culmination of a series of command post exercises that are preparing the command and control functions for the exercise for us going to Norway for us going for Trident Juncture."

A major goal of the exercise -- tabbed Trident Juncture -- is to strengthen relationships with 29 other NATO countries also participating in the exercise.

"We can reinvigorate our partnership with our NATO partners, take advantage of the training opportunities we have with them, and leverage any strengths that they bring to the fight in support of NATO," Wolford said.

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