Marine gets home of his dreams thanks to non-profit

Sgt. Jacob Pope speaks with community members who are volunteering to help him with his new home.

Believe it or not it was hard trying to find the homeowner Sergeant Jacob Pope who was blending in with the crowd getting his hands dirty.

"I'm just appreciative and I'm always going to help," Pope said.

Even on a day geared towards helping him, Pope was staying busy. Thanks to Homes For Our Troops a national non profit, Pope and his family have been donated a home.

"I love that we are able to contribute something to our veterans and give back to them because of what they've given up for us," says Mary Espinoza the Homes For Our Troops community outreach coordinator.

A huge feature of the house is the 100 percent handicap accessibility, because Pope lost one of his legs while serving in 2011.

"Was doing my job as an EOD tech and searching for IED's rendering them safe or disposing of them and simply put I missed one I stepped on it and instantly lost my left leg below the knee," says Pope.

Volunteering today were people from all over. A chance for the community to give back to a man who's done and sacrificed so much for our country, by doing some landscaping.

"Probably 75 percent of the people I haven't met before some of them from the community and I'm surprised some from Richlands, Jacksonville and all different areas heard about it on the news and they are just willing to give their time to volunteer and I'm very appreciative of that," says Pope.

But one familiar helping hand was Pope's new next door neighbor an injured service member who got his home through the same non profit organization.

You like to pay it forward our homes worked out great so far it allows you to get around the house in a wheelchair which he'll need when he gets off his prosthetic, it's just a great layout and a great organization, " says Anthony Berra, a volunteer.

The interior of Pope's house still has some work to be done. So next Saturday at 10 in the morning Pope will have a key ceremony where him and his family get to move into their new place.

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