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Local student to be featured in nationwide exhibit

(Kori Johnson, NewsChannel 12)
(Kori Johnson, NewsChannel 12)
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A student at New Bern High School has been selected to participate in a nationwide traveling art exhibit.

Kimberly Cusack was one of 100 people chosen for the exhibit, which will raise awareness about children with rare diseases.

Cusack, who was born with a rare disease, just finished her painting and says it gives people like her a voice.

"The disease she has can enable her later in life so now she can like take pride in herself and have confidence,” Cusack says about the girl she painted. “I know a lot of people with rare diseases aren't confident. I know growing up I wasn't very confident, but I hope that my art can help her with that."

The Beyond the Diagnosis Exhibit began in 2012, and locations for the year have not yet been decided.

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