Local group uses martial arts to help service members

Everyone has their own reason for performing martial arts. For some it's the adrenaline of a take-down or the art of being able to defend yourself, but for others it's a healing process.

"When I deployed to Afghanistan and I came back I dealt with PTSD and martial arts for me helped me to get outside of my bubble it helped me to get socially interacted with other people," said Military Veterans Program Coordinator Nate Luna.

That's the whole purpose of today's Hope for the Warriors Expo at Martial Arts and More in Jacksonville, using the arts to bring a sense of self back to service members.

"Let your energy out let your frustration out in a productive environment," said service member Michael Robelo.

Robelo currently serves out of Camp Lejuene as a hospital corpsman, he says martial arts is a resource that's always there for him.

He also says it's something that's more than what meets the eye, much deeper than the art, a brotherhood.

"We share on and off the mat is what we do so that to me encompasses a family," said Robelo.

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