Law enforcement making sure people are buckled up during holiday travel


NEW BERN, Craven County - Thanksgiving this week means many of you will be hitting the roads to be with family.

Law enforcement wants to remind you they'll be out in force to make sure drivers and passengers are buckled up in their vehicles during those travels. A statewide Click It or Ticket campaign began this week that is promoting that enforcement.

While law enforcement such as New Bern Police enforce the seat belt law during the rest of the year, the extra effort is put on during the holidays. State law says you have to wear a seat belt anytime you're in a moving vehicle. That includes child seats. You can face a hefty fine if you don't buckle up, as much as $179.

"The New Bern Police department does enforce the seat belt laws," said Stephen Williams with the New Bern Police Department. "This is just a heighten awareness specifically for education and then we do step up enforcement to make sure everyone makes it to their destination this holiday season."

According to the N.C. Governor's Highway Safety Program, about 92 percent of drivers in our state use their seat belt. The goal is to get everyone to buckle up to prevent injuries and even deaths.

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