Jacksonville neighborhood still struggling to get power restored

One part of Shoreline Drive in Jacksonville still doesn't have power after Hurricane Florence. This shed provides power for William Kelly Tyre and others on the street. (Greg Payne, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Some residents in a neighborhood in Jacksonville have been left in the dark, literally.

That's because the residents on Shoreline Drive are still without power weeks after Hurricane Florence hit Eastern North Carolina on Sept. 13-14. The City of Jacksonville cut off the street's power, which is the reason William Kelly Tyre has been relying on his shed, which still has power, to power his home and others on the street.

"That shed was the only thing in the last month and a half that's had power so we try to share the wealth to try to help these others," Tyre said.

So why do many of the homes still have no power almost seven weeks after the hurricane? Tyre believes the delay is because of the Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center being built behind the homes there. It's an allegation the City of Jacksonville denies, instead saying the power hasn't been restored because many of the homes are still deemed unsafe.

Click the above video to learn more from NewsChannel 12's Greg Payne.

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