Jackpot dreams lead Lenoir County man to $1 million scratch-off prize

Jackpot dreams lead Lenoir County man to $1 million scratch-off prize (NC Education Lottery photo)

For Jared Lucas' dreams of winning a big jackpot led him to a $1 million scratch-off prize.

The Grifton man's good fortune happened Monday night when he was driving with his wife. “We passed the jackpot sign and saw the ‘6-5-4,’” Lucas said. “My wife suggested that we get some Mega Millions tickets since the jackpot was so high.”

They stopped at the Handy Mart on Winterville Parkway in Winterville and bought some Mega Millions Quick Pick tickets. While he was there, Lucas got a $20 100X The Cash scratch-off ticket.

“I had some extra cash on me so I figured, ‘Why not?’” Lucas said. “I was blown away when I saw what we won. I was completely floored. We rarely play the lottery so this is unbelievable!”

Lucas claimed his prize Tuesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. He had the choice of taking an annuity that has 20 payments of $50,000 a year or a lump sum of $600,000. He chose the lump sum. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $423,012. He plans to put the money in savings.

Lucas said he hopes this isn’t his last big win. “There’s still Mega Millions,” Lucas said. “We’ll see if my luck holds.”

The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday’s drawing is $868 million annuity worth $494.5 million cash. This is the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history, and the second largest jackpot in U.S. history.

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