Items found in volunteer search not related to missing 3-year-old


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - The Onslow County Sheriff's Office and FBI held their fourth press conference on missing 3-year-old Mariah Woods on Friday.

The focus of conversation was the volunteer search party that ended up being the largest search effort in this case so far organized by Team Adam with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and NCIS.

There were 730 people in total showed up to volunteer in the search. Sheriff Hans Miller took time in the conference to acknowledge those volunteers and express his gratitude for their willingness to help search.

The number one priority right now for officials is "to find out where [Mariah] is, what happened," Sheriff Miller said.

An FBI official said that multiple searches over the past few days have happened on foot, on horseback, and with search boats. Officials have also recently enlisted the help of cadaver dogs and underwater sonar.

There were some items flagged by volunteers during the search Froday, but as of now, officials do not believe they are connected to Mariah's case.

Officials also searched a local landfill and sorted through 95,000 pounds of trash by hand looking for clues about Mariah's disappearance.

Any of the items flagged int today's search efforts will be turned over to investigative teams for closer looks.

"This case is a top priority," an FBI official said. Officials are focused on covering every area possible in the Verona and Southwest areas.

An FBI official emphasized that officials are following all leads and are not ruling out the possibility of searching areas outside of Onslow County.

The search is ongoing and officials are using all of their resources to continue the search for Mariah Woods.

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