Investigation underway after physical confrontation at Onslow County school

Investigation underway after physical confrontation at Onslow County school (Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12)

An investigation is underway looking into the details of a physical confrontation between a student and a school resource officer.

The altercation happened at the Onslow County Learning Center, in Hubert, on Wednesday. Photos taken by the student's sister and shared to Facebook show a bruised and battered face.

Due to the student's age, NewsChannel 12 is not releasing his identity.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said the school the student attends is designated for those with known disciplinary problems.

Authorities are now looking into the details leading up to the confrontation.

According to the student's sister, there is cell phone evidence that her brother was "excessively forced to the ground" but it cannot be released at this time due to the investigation.

"We have consulted with the district attorney's office. We're calling in the State Bureau of Investigation, which is an independent agency, asking them to investigate the case and then once the investigation is concluded I will take a look at the factors and then I'll make a decision about what to do next," Miller said.

The Onslow County School System is declining to comment on the matter since it is still under investigation.

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