Government shutdown having impact on IRS, not on filing taxes

The IRS may be closed due to the government shutdown but you can still file taxes and payments due. (Tyler Hardin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

The tax season is upon us and perhaps you've started working on your returns.

How is the government shutdown impacting tax filing right now? If you go to the IRS office in Greenville, the door is locked and there's a sign that reads "Due to the lapse in government funding, this office is closed."

So who will answer your questions during tax season? Calling the IRS in Washington, D.C. gives you pretty much the same answer. So we went to Karen Spruill with Down South Accounting and Tax. She said although the IRS offices are closed, the agency is still accepting tax returns starting Jan. 28. They are also still taking tax payments.

"They have announced that they will be processing tax returns that are filled or paper filled and they will be issuing refunds in normal manner," Spruill said. "On the other hand, there will not be anyone to take telephone calls and there will not be anyone manning the tax payer assistance centers."

If you want to find more information, you can go to the IRS website.

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