Former bankruptcy judge to be named interim trustee for Washington Co. Hospital

    Employees at the Washington County Hospital, in Plymouth, said they've worked for two weeks but you can't tell based off their bank statements. (Morgan Newell, NewsChannel 12 photo)

    Washington County filed a motion to appoint a former bankruptcy judge as interim trustee for Washington County Hospital.

    Attorneys for the county filed a motion to appoint Thomas W. Waldrep Jr. as interim trustee. The county said in a press release Waldrep has experience with medical related commercial bankruptcy proceedings and has assisted with the forced bankruptcy and sale of the Morehead Memorial Hospital in Eden.

    Officials said Waldrep's appointment will aid the county as the process begins to "identify and preserve the hospital's assets and also potentially enable the continuation of certain operations which may still be viable to provide during the pending bankruptcy process such as the continuation of primary practice health care services, radiology and lab services.

    The county also said it would continue to work to seek methods to assist WCH employees with getting paid along with other interests involved with the future of the hospital.

    Washington County Hospital closed at the end of business on Feb. 14 after stories by NewsChannel 12 on the financial and other issues with the hospital, which was owned by Empower HMS.

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