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Family angry, wanting answers, say their daughter was injured by school resource officer

A family is angry and wants answers after their daughter was involved in a fight at North Pitt High School which was broken up by a school resource officer. (Photo: Amanda Denise, NewsChannel 12){p}{/p}
A family is angry and wants answers after their daughter was involved in a fight at North Pitt High School which was broken up by a school resource officer. (Photo: Amanda Denise, NewsChannel 12)

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A family is wanting answers after they said their daughter was injured by a school resource officer while the officer was breaking up a fight she was involved in.

It was all caught on a cell phone camera.

The parents of the student have asked that her name not be used in this story.

They said the school resource officer breaking up the fight went too far and their daughter was left with a minor concussion.

This happened on Nov. 7, 2022 and the family said they have been looking for answers and accountability since then.

In the video, three female students can be seen fighting.

School Resource Officer, Pitt County deputy Mike Wilson was called in to break up the fight.

He first uses mace then, he can be seen shoving one of the female students and using explicit language.

Kiawanna Jenkins, mother of the girl, said she received a phone call around lunch on the 7th. It was from someone at North Pitt High School saying her daughter was involved in a fight.

When she arrived at the school, Jenkins said her daughter was being treated by the paramedics after being sprayed in the face with mace.

Jenkins then took her daughter to see a doctor and was diagnosed with a minor concussion.

Now, the family has a lot of questions, most of all, how something like this could happen to their daughter?

"She's traumatized, you're talking about my child, she does not want to go back to school," Jarrett Jenkins, her father said. "She is pretty much fighting to go back to school. This is a very traumatizing situation for her. Right now, she’s seeking some type of counseling to talk to and to help her through this."

The Jenkins said the SRO needs to be held accountable for what their daughter is going through.

"SROs are supposed to be in place to protect, and if so, if that’s the case, where is the protection for my child when that happened?” Jenkins said.

Pitt County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Sergeant Lee Darnell sent this statement: "Each scenario of interaction and use of force is different and must be examined individually based on the totality of circumstances in each given circumstance. This deputy's call for assistance is still under review, and once complete, that determination will be made.”

Sgt. Darnell said the parents have filed a complaint and said the Sheriff’s Office has met with the parents and heard their concerns.

But, so far, the Jenkins don't feel their voices have been heard.

“I wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t satisfied with what they were saying,” Kiawanna Jenkins said.

“Try to put yourself in ours shoes, you know, show some type of compassion, you know that this happened," Jarrett Jenkins said. "Let us know that you understand that this is unacceptable and act like you care, but there was no caring involved, but it was more of them trying to protect themselves. I felt disrespected in a sense, because it was absolutely wrong.”

"This right here is just tragic. We’re taking it day-by-day. It’s hard, but I’m going to speak up. I’m going to fight for my baby,” Kiawanna Jenkins said.

The Jenkins said they have since withdrawn their daughter from North Pitt High School.

Pitt County Schools Public Information Officer Tom McClellan said that because the SRO is employed with the Pitt County Sherriff’s Office, he will be held to the standards of that agency.

This is still an ongoing investigation.

NewsChannel 12 will update the story as it unfolds

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