Event helps Hurricane Matthew victims with recovery


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - After nearly five months, hundreds of residents are still trying to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Matthew. That's why the Churchs Outreach Network is doing what they can do help.

From diapers to something as simple as a bottle of water, it's the necessities people still need after the tragedy that swept our area back in October. A volunteer with the Red Cross said there were more than 3,000 people just in Pitt County who were affected by the storm, but only 1,057 were accepted by FEMA for help.

In order to help those who FEMA could not help, Pastor Rodney Coles with the Churchs Outreach Network set up an event to give to those who need it. "We want to make sure that anyone that needed help we would be here. to be able to help them that's where Churchs Outreach Network and Interfaith Clergy are standing with the community," Coles said.

It wasn't just about food or material items, but legal advice was available as well as a whole team from the Disaster Recovery Partners for Pitt County to answer any questions. While the event only ran for a few hours Wednesday morning, Coles hopes to provide other opportunities to give back to these people. Residents say they hope FEMA will come back to Pitt County and offer a buyout program like they have recently done in many other counties here in Eastern North Carolina.

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