ECU Police take part in active shooter training

(WCTI photo)

Officers with East Carolina University on Tuesday were learning what to do if an active shooter began firing rounds on campus.

The training covered a wide variety of subjects and included Stop the Bleed training, which shows officials how to control heavy bleeds in emergency situations for both the injured citizens and officers. Lt. Chris Sutton with ECU Police said the training typically takes place in the summer when most of the students are gone. Officers need to take over an entire building to learn more fully during the training and so there is no confusion about whether students are part of the training.

"We use force-on-force training, simulated rounds, officers and role players are in confrontation with each other," Sutton said. "The simulated rounds leave a mark on the officer or the role player so we can go back and identify and account for any rounds that are used."

Sutton said this activity helps the officers be able to judge when they made shots that they're doing with accuracy as any time an officer fires a weapon, he or she must account for the round.

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