ECU Foundation puts school's chancellor in $1.3 million home


It's new digs for the East Carolina University chancellor.

The ECU Foundation is set to pay $1.3 million to put up chancellor Cecil Staton and his family in a 8,400 square foot house more than three miles from campus.

The chancellor and his family have historically lived in the Dail House, located just off campus.

But with renovations needed and the ECU Board of Trustees unable to get the renovations done at once, Staton has been living in a townhouse since becoming the school's chancellor 18 months ago.

The Board of Trustees tabbed member Bob Plybon to head a committee to do an analysis on what to do with the Dail House. The university had already bought surrounding properties in 2014 with the original intent of expanding upon the historic home.

Plybon said it was "apparent that the house without significant renovation was not suitable for a chancellor with a family and children."

In addition to housing the chancellor, the Dail house has served as a place to entertain potential donors -- something Plybon said that building was limited in for its usefulness.

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